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Established 1995 • California PI No. 24090


"expert practitioners for sensitive matters"

Wolivar & Associates, Inc. provides two cost effective specialty services to threat managers, behavioral psychologists, security and investigative professionals.

We are a highly regarded street savvy multi-ethnic team with significant experience successfully conducting high-level physical surveillances on sensitive and high profile matters in California. 

All practitioners have over eight years full-time physical surveillance experience in "the private sector."  There is a significant difference in government and private sector surveillance, the latter requiring much more personal skill sets, which very few possess.   

Our expertise services are 1) discreetly monitoring persons who have made credible threats of immediate violence and 2) providing threat assessment experts with valuable street level intelligence.

"I have used Mike Wolivar and his surveillance team for over nine years on multiple cases, to include high-profile sensitive threat cases.   Mike and his team have always excelled at meeting all surveillance objectives in a cost effective manner.  I strongly recommend him for any physical surveillance needs."    

- Scott Nelson, Ret. Deputy Asst. Director of the FBI / Former VP of Security for Warner Bros.  http://srmg-link.com/

The SafeMonitortheThreat™ team primarily provides threat management professionals and behavioral psychologists with two cost-effective services: 

1.  During a heightened threat period, we lawfully, ethically and discreetly monitor a Person of Concern's location and activity 24/7, so we always know the POC's location and activities, which provides a valuable layer of protection to employees and students ... and provides valuable peace of mind.

Our SafeMonitorttheThreat™ team's field observations and video taken during our monitoring have been used as evidentiary support for Probable Cause in affidavits to secure search warrants on Persons of Concern and to prosecute Persons of Concern who have violated court issued Restraining Orders.

2.  The SafeMonitortheThreat™ team discreetly observes and video records the Person of Concern's activities and behavior at the street level - where activities and behaviors are likely more genuine vis-a-vis a clinical setting - so that behavioral psychologists and threat assessment professionals can make a more accurate and current threat assessment.

According to the American National Standard Institute, Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention protocol (ASIS/SHRM), professional physical surveillance should be considered as a method of protecting the workplace from a person who is a credible threat to commit a violent act on employees.

Who we are: Established in 1995, our brand is best described as a trusted and reliable tight-knit team of multi-cultural and multi-lingual street savvy investigators ... who have a rich history of success on challenging high-profile assignments ... and a core team who has worked together over 16 years ... with years of proven trust on client and case confidentiality ... and who are exceptionally effective at discreetly gathering hard to get intelligence at the street level ... and conducting high-level physical surveillances in challenging environments to include the high crime rate areas.  No other private sector street level investigative team has the years of high profile case experience. 

Off-duty law enforcement and retired law enforcement are members of our team. 

We accomplish our clients' objectives. Consistently.

Proprietary databases, authorized DMV access and sophisticated social media searches are used to support our intelligence gathering and physical surveillances.

The team has collectively conducted thousands of physical surveillances, hundreds of which were sensitive threat related cases. We know what it takes to successfully achieve our clients' objectives.

Clients and references include ATAP Certified Threat Managers, Behavioral Psychologists Expert in Threat Assessment, Corporate Threat Management Professionals; Investigation and Security Companies.

We provide the hard to get street-level intelligence 

Standard Rate: $ 90 per hour (minimum 8 hours) plus expenses per practitioner

Reduced rates for licensed private investigation companies and long term assignments.

Our field practitioners are among, if not, the highest compensated in the physical surveillance industry and are paid from $ 50 to $ 65 per hour; the nationwide norm is $ 15 to 27 per hour.  The pay rate of the surveillance practitioner actually doing the job is a strong indicator of thier level of professionalism and effectiveness.

We do two things that differentiate our business from competitors: 1) We recruit, invest in and retain the best of the best in street level intelligence gathering and physical surveillance and 2) purchase technology ... versus expensive marketing campaigns ... that helps our team achieve success in the field.  

California Private Investigator License No. 24090 • Insured • Wolivar & Associates, Inc. is a California based corporation

Case Management and Quality Assurance: The team is coached and managed by two seasoned veterans of physical surveillance, one of whom is Mike Wolivar www.mikewolivar.com who has over 21-years of private sector physical surveillance experience; and the other surveillance veteran is a 33-year retired Sergeant of the Los Angeles Police Department who has significant experience conducting and supervising physical surveillances in a specialized unit.

For large and more complex threat cases, a former CIA Analyst (PhD) can analyze the database findings, open source data and street level intelligence and pull it all together in well written timely updates. 

A case manager is available 24/7 and provides updates and written reports per client's requested format and timeliness.

Association of Threat Assessment Professionals • Los Angeles Chapter

A SafeMonitortheThreat practitioner secures video evidence of a celebrity stalker violating a Temporary Restraining Order.

Our team performs other related discreet assignments. Above, a SafeMonitortheThreat™ team practitioner, who is expert in UC, pays cash for stolen Marvel figurines that had not yet been released to the public.

During a high threat, our surveillance team provides counter-surveillance for the client in the SUV en route to Staples Center in Los Angeles. (Our client was an LA based security company who contracted with us to provide the expert counter-surveillance part.)

Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business / NAICS Code: 561611/611430

Certified State of California Small Business / Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

For more information, please call Mike Wolivar at (888) 965-4827.

Thank you for checking us out.  Our team is ready to help on your security needs.